Case study - Fayne's Wedding

July 2021

In December 2021, the Fayne’s reached out to us to begin discussions regarding their upcoming wedding. They came to us with a specific date in mind, July 2021. Having come across our social media presence, they were impressed by our work, prompting their interest in our services.

It was important for the Fayne’s that the team got to see the venue firsthand, they requested a site visit to Foxrock. This crucial step allowed them to visualise the space and determine its suitability for their celebration. To delve deeper into their requirements and preferences, the Fayne’s met with key members of our team specialising in wedding planning. This meeting provided an opportunity for them to articulate their vision, seek advice, and lay the foundation for what promised to be a collaborative and successful partnership in creating their dream wedding.

Fitted Chino Stretch Tent

guests seated comfortably


Customer Satisfaction


The challenge presented by the client encompassed various aspects, including mitigating weather-related risks amid COVID-19 restrictions, limiting guest numbers to 50 individuals. It was very important to the Fayne’s that we made optimal use of the space, particularly for hosting a banquet-style dinner with a designated dancing area within the tent. They emphasised the importance of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, day and night, for the event. However, the unique layout of the garden, characterised by a slight slope, horseshoe shape, and a prominent flowerbed, posed challenges for tent placement and overall design. Additionally, the client required a clear visualisation of the setup, including provisions for a bar area and casual furniture within the tent, before finalising any plans.


To address these challenges, our solution began with providing the client a comprehensive digital render of the setup, ensuring their satisfaction and confidence before proceeding. Incorporating the flowerbed as a central feature within the tent design not only addressed aesthetic concerns but also added a unique touch to the overall ambiance. For space optimisation, we installed a 10m x 8m chino stretch tent, effectively utilising the 80sqm area to comfortably accommodate the 50 guests while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. To enhance the atmosphere, low-flame fire pits were strategically organised for nighttime warmth within the tent, complemented by festoon lighting to create a captivating ambiance both day and night. Furthermore, a designated pop-up bar space was seamlessly integrated to meet the client’s requirement for beverage service during the event, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.



Provided a unique venue for The Fayne's Wedding


1 day to install everything and 1 day to derig everything


Overall satisfaction of the client and guests

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