Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build unforgettable experiences.

We are a collection of hut-building-secret den-loving-tree-house-constructing-architectural enthusiasts.

We are

event crew - event production - marquee - installation

We are BILD. We are the space specialists.

Making best use of your space with our unique modular systems and a creative point of view. We optimise every space for all promotional purposes, but don’t worry we don’t use rockets!! It’s all optimised with our own upcycled solutions.

We optimise promotional space. We do small spaces and big spaces and sometimes our own spaces (well at least our Mum’s house!).

event crew - event production - marquee - installation



Phone: +353 1 565 3989
Email: info@bildstructures.ie
Salamander Lodge
80 Sandford Rd.,
Dublin 6