Dome Structures which can be used as a stage cover exhibition stall activation space breakout room conference feature

Our F75 Event Dome offers over 70 sqm of usable floor space that, coupled with it’s fully transparent skin, gives opportunity for an eye-catching piece at any event. There are many use-cases of our F75 Event Dome for our clients, previous installations of this structure have been; a pop up conference room, a long term outdoor dining solution and a brand activation space for festivals.

The ways in which our dome can be used are unlimited. The F75 Dome is a part of the FDome family and can be joined with other sized Domes to create a multi-room activation space. 

Design Specifications:

  • Steel structure – galvanized and powder coated
  • Fully transparent skin
  • One main entrance + 1 additional entrance
  • Steel anchors for tying the structure down or different types of ballast
Flooring area:75m2
Standing:105 persons
Row seating:70 persons
Seated tables:55 persons
Standing buffet:65 persons

Dome Structure for hire

Whether you’re throwing together a last-minute conference, setting up an al fresco dining spot, or making waves at a festival with your brand activation, this dome is your secret weapon.

Our F75 Event Dome is part of the FDome crew, meaning you can mix and match with other domes to create the ultimate multi-room setup. Talk about taking your event to the next level!

So, don’t settle for ordinary. Go for extraordinary with the F75 Event Dome. Give us a shout today, and let’s make magic happen at your next bash!