Case study - Little Orchard

Little Orchard, Rathfarnham 

September 2021

The Old Orchard Inn is situated in beautiful Rathfarnham near Rathfarnham Castle. It is one of the best known, local pubs on the southside of Dublin City and is owned by the Chawke group. It has an authentic atmosphere, superior service, friendly staff and a beautiful beer garden and BBQ party area.

The team first met with the Chawke group when working on a job in smithfield. They came to us with the idea of building the “Little Orchard” to utilise their outdoor space and cater to more people. We met with Ali, Bill and Keith to begin working on how to reinvent the space.


compliance with government guidelines

increase in Usable outdoor space

new units for food & beverage vendors


Upon conducting an initial walkthrough of the site, we engaged in thorough discussions with both clients to understand their vision for the space. Subsequently, we presented a concept design, incorporating their feedback, and further refined it through collaborative iterations until all three parties were satisfied and signed off on the proposal.


Our solution was structured into two phases to address the seasonal requirements of the project. In the first summer phase, we implemented a comprehensive design featuring 400 sqm of artificial grass flooring and a custom-branded stretch tent measuring 20m x 8m. This additional 160 sqm of covered space facilitated the accommodation of five vendor stalls within the tent, enhanced by custom archways, decorative lighting, and branded draping.

    Following a successful summer season, we transitioned to the second phase for winter. This phase involved the installation of a dome structure and bespoke bamboo tipi tents, with enclosed walls to regulate temperatures and create a cozy atmosphere. We adapted lighting and heating elements to align with winter themes while ensuring compliance with government guidelines for outdoor dining.

    Remarkably, the entire project – from concept development to build and grand opening – was completed within a tight timeframe of 12 weeks, demonstrating our ability to deliver innovative solutions even amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic.



    Maximised the outdoor space to create "The Little Orchard"


    5+ New food vendors added to the options available for customers


    The project successfully met government guidelines for outdoor dining, showcasing the adaptability of the solutions to comply with regulatory requirements

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