motorised retractable branded pergolas

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This type of patio cover is specifically indicated for terraces and large surfaces. It is a type of awning that makes it possible to use an area throughout the year. It is manufactured with a single cloth that when tensioned, avoids 100% of the passage of water, thanks to its anti-rain rubber.

Being a waterproof pergola, makes it perfect for use in catering establishments such as cafes and restaurants. It allows to keep the terraces fixed and profitable throughout the year, without worrying about the rain.

Allows covering up to 13000 mm width and 6500 mm projection in a single module. Several modules can be joined to cover higher surfaces.

This type of waterproof awning, can be combined with specific vertical awnings for front and side that offer a plus of coverage to the interior of the terrace.

retractable pergolas for sale and for hire

These tailor-made retractable pergolas are perfect for keeping you covered come rain or shine. So, whether you’re running a cozy café or a bustling restaurant, your terrace stays open for business, rain or no rain! These beauts can cover a whopping 13000 mm wide and stick out up to 6500 mm in one shot. But wait, there’s more!  You can pair them up with our vertical awnings for extra cover on the sides for next-level outdoor comfort!

So, if you’re tired of weather messing with your business, it’s time to get yourself one of our retractable pergolas. Don’t let a bit of rain spoil the fun – give us a shout and let’s keep your outdoor space buzzin’ all year round!