Case study - Residential

Residential Retractable Pergola 

June 2023

Our Retractable Motorised Pergolas stand out as the most flexible solution within our warehouse. These awnings offer unparalleled versatility, allowing for year-round utilisation of any outdoor space. They are remotely powered to allow you to easily control which elements you want opened or closed. Crafted with a single cloth that, when tensioned, effectively prevents the passage of water, thanks to its innovative anti-rain rubber feature. 

A residential client approached us with the desire to extend their home for outdoor dining purposes. With unused garden space available, they were seeking a semi-permanent solution that could be easily retracted to accommodate various weather conditions. Contacting us for some guidance, they looked to explore potential solutions to fulfill their vision.

weatherproof dining space


modular wall design


The challenge presented was to design and build a semi-permanent outdoor dining structure that met specific client requirements. These included the capability to retract both the roof and walls using a remote control. Additionally, the extension needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing aesthetic of the house. The client also wanted to include lighting fixtures for ambient and decorative purposes.


Addressing this unique challenge, the team at BILD designed a comprehensive approach to meet the client’s needs. Beginning with a site visit to the client’s address, we carefully measured the available space and developed a plan to maximise its potential. Utilising the information gathered during this visit, we created digital renders to provide the client with a visual representation of the proposed solution.

We received the “go ahead” from the client and we proceeded to deliver and install the structure within 8 weeks. During installation, collaboration with the client’s household electrician was essential to ensure the seamless integration of the motorised mechanisms and lighting fixtures into the structure.

The final result was a fully retractable pergola equipped with remote control functionality, allowing the client to independently operate each wall and the roof. This versatile design enables the client to enjoy a fully enclosed or fully open dining space according to their preference, achieving the desired functionality while maintaining the aesthetic of the existing house design.



Outdoor dining regardless of weather


Enhanced functionality and flexibility


Seamless integration with existing aesthetics

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