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If you are planning on creating additional space for your business, a permanent stretch tent is the most viable and cost effective option.

Our permanent stretch tents can be found all over Ireland in a number of applications – From schools and colleges to restaurants and bars, you name it, we can cover it. 

The uses for permanent stretch tents are virtually limitless and they stack up far better than their traditional counterparts from both a visual and financial aspect.

Marino Stretch tent
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Get yourself covered

Our stretch tents are the perfect outdoor solution for your business.  

These robust overhead canopies provide shade and protect you from the elements, allowing you to capitalize on space and grow your business.

Courtyard canopies are becoming increasingly more popular due to rules and regulations all businesses are currently facing.

Maximize the earning potential of your premises throughout the year with a fitted, weatherproof, tented solution from BILD Tents & Structures.

lasting protection

Our stretch tents are durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Our stylish, modern Bedouin stretch tents can be designed in any shape or size to fit your space.

We use superior quality fabrics that are UV protected, 100% waterproof and treated with a state-of-the-art anti-microbial  agent and Teflon finish to ensure longevity and durability.

It is the perfect time to make use of your lovely outside courtyards and pergolas with a comfortable, weatherproof tented solution. 

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  • Weatherproof solution all year round or seasonally.
    Maximize floor space and an extra touch of style to your establishment.
  • Cost effective. Manufacturing and installation is considerably less than solid roof structures.
  • Variety of colour and branding options available.
  • Great in all-weather – sun, rain, and wind.
    With existing social distancing laws restaurants and pubs can create additional seating space and distance customers tables safely.

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